Don’t Let Your Clients Become Victims!

As title, banking, mortgage, insurance and real estate professionals, we, as an industry, are responsible for many of the protections necessary to ensure the safety of our clients’ personal information, assets and transactions.  We have all instituted safeguards in our respective sectors to do just that. It is not enough.

Fraudsters and scammers are breaking through those safeguards, and are stealing our clients’ hard-earned money – millions of dollars so far, just in Louisiana. And ruining lives in the process.

These tips may help homebuyers avoid this type of scam.


Title Matters

Was the Title to Your Property Read in Louisiana?

You may have thought, aren’t all abstracts of title prepared in Louisiana examined by a Louisiana resident attorney? Well the answer unfortunately is not always… Since the late 1990’s and early 2000, many abstracts of title have been prepared OFFSHORE, for more information, read on.

The law in Louisiana currently requires that before a policy of title insurance may be issued there must be a title opinion rendered by an attorney authorized to practice law in Louisiana, which opinion must be based on an abstract of title which complies with the provisions of LRS 22:512, which states in part that…

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Louisiana Association of Independent Land Title Agents

LAILTA is a non-profit trade association that represents the interests of independent title insurance agents and independent real estate settlement professionals from across the State of Louisiana.

LAILTA seeks to:

Restore Transparency

Restore transparency and credibility to the land title process and preserve an objective and impartial role at the closing table to improve the consumer experience.

Establish Standards

Establish minimum search standards for title examinations to restore faith in the system of land title.

Common Interests

Knit together common interests and concerns from across the entire spectrum of real estate settlement service providers to successfully advocate for independent agents and their like-minded partners in the community in order to effect positive change on the title industry.

Eliminate Conflicts of Interest

Address the proliferation of controlled business arrangements and eliminate conflicts of interest between title agents and their referral sources, as well as, between all real estate settlement service providers and their sources of business.

What is LAILTA?

LAILTA was created August 9, 2011 by independent land title agents who seek to further the agenda of small business owners from within the title insurance, abstracting, surveying, and real estate community who lack representation. As an independent land title agent and/or settlement service professional, your voice is important and we want to hear from you!

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Did you know?

You have the right to choose which title service provider will handle your real estate transaction. So be certain that your title was READ IN LOUISIANA. Request the services of a Louisiana land title company that is associated with an attorney licensed to practice law in Louisiana who has offices in the state of Louisiana.

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